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Northern Fleet

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20.04.2021 (05:30) In the Northern Fleet , an interspecific command post exercise has begun, which is being held under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy At various stages of the interspecific exercise, nuclear and diesel submarines, support vessels, army corps units, aircraft, military and special equipment of the air force and air defence army of the Northern Fleet will be involved.
19.04.2021 (13:00) The interspecific command post exercise started under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of Russian Navy began in the Northern Fleet According to the plan of practical actions, the deployment of nuclear submarines and naval forces of the fleet at sea was started.
15.04.2021 (15:10) Special exercise was conducted with the EW units of the Northern Fleet as part of a control check The EW specialists worked out detecting, blocking radio sources, intercepting data, and disrupting the control system of a simulated enemy in the Arctic.
13.04.2021 (16:57) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds working meeting in Severomorsk during his trip to the Northern Fleet The head of the military department said that in order to strengthen the defence capability of the Russian Federation and protect its national interests in the Arctic, the Defence Ministry is systematically working to increase the combat capabilities of the Northern Fleet.
13.04.2021 (15:27) During a working trip to the Northern Fleet, the Minister of Defenсe of the Russian Federation inspects the development of military and social infrastructure in the garrison of submariners Gadzhievo General of the Army Sergei Shoigu heard a report from the command of the Northern Fleet on the development of the infrastructure of the military camp and instructed to prepare a comprehensive plan for the improvement of the garrison.
13.04.2021 (15:05) The Head of the Military Department, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, checks the progress of the construction of the mooring front for the deployment of the submarine forces of the Northern Fleet in Gadzhievo, Murmansk region The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation was informed that the construction is planned to be completed in September this year.
08.04.2021 (17:30) Frigate Admiral Kasatonov passed the Pas-de-Calais For more than two months the warship operated in the Mediterranean Sea, she visited the ports of Algeria, Greece, Cyprus, Syria and Turkey and conducted a series of the exercises both in a single mode and in coordination with other ships and Russian Navy aviation.
01.04.2021 (16:40) The frigate Admiral Kasatonov went to the Atlantic In the Atlantic Ocean, the crew of the frigate will continue to improve naval training and conduct a number of ship exercises.
30.03.2021 (17:25) The frigate Admiral Kasatonov completes the search for submarines in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea The ship's crew searched for submarines with the help of onboard sonar equipment and evaded the attack of a mock underwater enemy.
26.03.2021 (15:30) The frigate Admiral Gorshkov performs artillery fire in the Barents Sea The crews of the A-192 artillery unit successfully hit the closed target positions located on the coast of the South Island of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.
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