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Northern Fleet

image/svg+xml Southern Western Central Eastern Northern Fleet
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16.09.2021 (15:15) During the exercise with the Arctic expeditionary group, six cruise missile firings were carried out in the Northern Fleet The launches of the Granit missiles were carried out by the crews of the nuclear missile cruiser Pyotr Velikiy and the nuclear submarine missile cruiser Orel. The crews of the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov and the destroyer Admiral Ushakov fired anti-ship missiles Vulkan and Moskit.
07.09.2021 (16:00) The Arctic groupof the Northern Fleet arrived in Dudinka The Northern Fleet detachment also includes a large landing ship Georgy Pobedonosec and a rescue tugboat Pamir.
04.09.2021 (09:15) Sea Cup competition closing ceremony in Iran Having won three out of six stages, the Russian team ended up only four points behind the Iranian and took second place.
18.08.2021 (11:00) Large anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov enters Mediterranean Sea It passed the Strait of Gibraltar tonight.
10.08.2021 (14:45) Arctic groupping of the Northern Fleet set out on a voyage in the seas of the Arctic Ocean At the first stage of the Arctic voyage, the large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk, the rescue tugboat Pamir and the tanker Sergei Osipov will operate as part of a detachment of ships and support vessels.
23.07.2021 (17:15) Northern Fleet landing ships pass through La Manche The inter-fleet transition of the ships is being implemented under normal hydrometeorological conditions that allow the crews to hold combat training and to improve their naval capacity.
19.07.2021 (15:10) ASW ships of the Northern Fleet enter the Atlantic In the Atlantic, the crews of the ships Alexander Otrakovsky and Kondopoga will continue to improve their naval training and will act according to the plan of the inter-fleet voyage.
12.07.2021 (17:40) Military hydrographers have completed preparations for the fourth and fifth stages of the Complex Expedition of the Northern Fleet and the Russian Geographical Society Remember the war The expedition group on the small hydrographic vessel Nikolai Skosyrev will have to search for the ships that died during the Great Patriotic War.
02.07.2021 (16:45) The crews of the Su-24M of the Northern Fleet worked out bombing on the ships of the mock enemy Using target designation data, the bombers launched air-to-ground missiles, practiced bombing, as well as firing unguided rockets at the target field of the aviation range on the coast of the Kola Peninsula.
17.06.2021 (16:15) The submarine Gepard destroyed the submarine of the mock enemy in the Barents Sea The shooting was carried out with a practical (training) ammunition from an underwater position on a similar submarine.
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