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21.04.2021 (16:20) SMD signalmen deployed a unified communication system during the control check for the winter training period During the exercise, more than 80 tasks were performed to maintain communication channels and protect information while actively countering the electronic warfare means of a mock enemy.
21.04.2021 (14:30) Artillery men of the army corps of the Baltic Fleet participate in firing with the use of UAVs With the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, the reconnaissance of targets is carried out and their coordinates are transmitted in real time to the fire control points.
20.04.2021 (17:15) The third stage of the Warrior of Peace competition among the military personnel of the WMD has started in the Moscow region In total, 33 servicemen will compete at this stage of the competition, of which 11 are members of female gender.
20.04.2021 (14:30) The WMD mortar men destroyed more than a hundred objects of the mock enemy in the Leningrad region More than 150 military personnel and about 30 units of combat and special equipment of mortar units were involved in the control check.
19.04.2021 (11:30) A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet, performing the tasks of a long-distance campaign, went to the Atlantic Ocean The ships of the fleet put to sea from the Syrian port of Tartus on April 8, crossed the Mediterranean Sea and, crossing Gibraltar, entered the Atlantic Ocean. The arrival of the warships detachment at the main base of the Baltic Fleet is scheduled for the end of April.
19.04.2021 (11:15) Mortar men of the tank army of the WMD won the district stage of the competition Masters of Artillery Fire During the competition, the servicemen conducted live firing from 120-mm mortar complexes 2S12 Sani in the daytime and at night.
19.04.2021 (10:45) The third qualifying stage of the Games-2021 True Friend competition has started in the Western Military District According to the results of the competition, the five best dog handlers together with their pets will represent the WMD at the all-army stage of the competition.
16.04.2021 (17:20) The district stage of the Army Scout Masters competition of the Games 2021 ended in Nizhny Novgorod region The servicemen competed in marksmanship from different types of small arms, passing the Scout Trail, driving the recce vehicles BRM-1K with overcoming the obstacles.
15.04.2021 (17:20) The Baltic Fleet EW unit during the exercise suppressed the communication system of a mock enemy More than 100 servicemen and more than 20 units of military and special equipment were involved in the combat training event.
15.04.2021 (13:50) Active phase of a bilateral tactical exercise with the WMD tank army took place in the Nizhny Novgorod region In total, more than 1000 military personnel and over 300 units of weapons, military and special equipment are involved in the exercise. The event takes place within the framework of control classes based on the results of the winter training period.
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