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The mine clearing team reports strictly to the head of the center and consists of three elements – engineer reconnaissance and demining (each including three sections), quality control section, space communication calculation and maintenance department.

The main task of the team is humanitarian demining which includes operating as part of international groups outside the territory of the Russian Federation under the auspices of the UN, OSCE and other international organizations.

The detachment is formed of contract servicemen and accommodated in on the territory of the military town in Nakhabino Center (Moscow region).

The team is equipped with advanced engineer reconnaissance and personal protection devices, specialized vehicles which enable them to perform tasks in conditions of any type of terrain.

The detachment servicemen continuously hone their professional skills and attend additional courses at the Center training base.

The Curriculum

The curriculum of the International Anti-mine Center is divided into 4 periods:

-Training of humanitarian demining specialists 

-Training of specialists for improvised explosive devices 

- Training of anti-mine service specialists 

- Robotic engineering and engineer techniques 

The instructional staff is represented by the top-ranked specialists who have experience in combat anti-mining activities during different local conflicts and in humanitarian demining both in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad forming part of international peacekeeping forces.

The training facilities of the Center include the most up-to-date domestic armament, equipment, teaching methods, specialized lecture-rooms, grounds and ranges. During the course, the foreign specialists can use the foreign special equipment. It means that the curriculum can be varied in order to implement the detecting devices and special equipment employed in the foreign specialists’ countries. The curriculum deals with existing and prospective Russian and foreign engineer reconnaissance means and special equipment for the purposes of their employment during task performance. 

The training is carried out in Russia with consecutive interpretation into the foreign specialist’s first language. The Staff of the Center includes a department of interpreters for linguistic support.


Special Educational Department for Foreign Servicemen

Up to 70 foreign specialists can attend different training courses at the Special Department.

In the course of the educational programme, the foreign servicemen are accommodated in the up-to-date hotel facilities situated in the territory of the military base. There are 200 rooms designated for tese purposes..

The cultural and historical traditions of the servicemen’s countries are taken into consideration while organizing food service for the foreign specialists.

Several leisure activities are availablefor foreign servicemen. Among them, there are plays and meet-the-artist events with the leading actors of the Russian Army Central Academic Theatre; excursions to the Grekov Military Artist Atelier; paintings, graphic arts and photo exhibitions in the Russian Armed Forces Cultural Center; guest performances of the Russian Armed Forces Cultural Center artists; highlight tours of the Russian Armed Forces Central Museum and other cultural activities. 

The cost depends on the chosen courses. It is determined by the bilateral intergovernmental treaties on military and technical cooperation. 

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